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L'Oreal Professional Tecni-art Constructor Thermo-active Spray - 150 ml

L'Oreal Professional Tecni-art Constructor Thermo-active Spray - 150 ml

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L'Oreal Professionnel TecniART Constructor Thermo-active Spray gives your hair a gorgeous texture and helps create voluminous looking, wavy hairstyles. This thermo-active spray protects and and adds texture to the hair. It is a lightweight heat-activated spray which shapes hair while providing protection from hot styling tools. The spray amplifies volume whilst allowing flexible fixing.

Don't be afraid of overloading your hair - you can spray an abundance without weighing your hair down. This is the absolute no-residue formula for all hair types, leaving even wavy hairstyles and voluminous hair with a surprising lightness.


  • Hair styling spray to protect hair from heat induced damage
  • Formulated with Heat Optimising Technologies (HOT System)
  • Lightweight spray that shapes hair and gives it a volumizing bounce
  • Improves hair texture and provides a flexible hold
  • Does not weigh your hair down or leave any kind of residue
  • This product is suitable for fine hair
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